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Guided Relaxation with Touch Therapy (video)
"Congratulations on your marvelous video Guided Relaxation with Touch Therapy. Your video is terrific from start to finish, and engages all of the senses in healing. In clear, direct language with your soothing voice, you demonstrate centered, healing principles, as you combine guided relaxation with touch therapy. Your video is rich with a variety of specific interactions which all health care practitioners can incorporate into their everyday practice and lives. The review of background and up-to-date research on touch therapies provides the conceptual framework for understanding these healing modalities.

Your emphasis on a healing environment, both the internal healing environment within the practitioner, and the external healing environment of the setting, are very well done. Through your gentle demonstration of these healing modalities, you also explore what healing really is, how it can take place, and the role of unconditional love as a healing force. Your video is a grand synthesis of heartfelt thinking and compassionate action. It offers a treasury of profound insight for people in the healing professions."  Barbie Dossey, Expert Holistic Nurse.

This videotape will provide you with all the information needed to begin guided progressive muscle relaxation with touch therapy!  It is great if you have a friend or family member who needs healing touch.

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  • "Your marvelous video is timeless." Barbie Dossey, Expert Holistic Nurse.
  • Guided Relaxation with Touch Therapy has been featured by NBC Evening News.
  • The US News and World Report Magazine featured Jon Seskevich demonstrating this touch therapy in a story, "Comprehensive Cancer Centers Embrace Alternative Therapies as 'Complementary Care.'"

Guided Relaxation with Touch Therapy is a powerful stress management technique that combines an easy-to-learn touch therapy with spoken instructions that guide progressive muscle relaxation. Jon Seskevich is a nurse clinician with 20 years of experience providing stress management to patients at Duke University Medical Center. This is the technique he has used in more than 3,000 consultations to provide patients with an experience of deep relaxation and to teach them how they can relax themselves during pain and stress. In this video, Jon teaches the viewer how to perform the technique and create a state of deep relaxation, either for patients in a health-care setting or for friends and family members at home.

Jon is a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and is delighted to share his modification of the "full body connection."  The core of the video is a real-time demonstration of the complete technique. Guided Relaxation with Touch Therapy (GRTT) includes a series of 22 hand positions that are held for 30 to 45 seconds. The video clearly shows each position from several angles, and Jon presents the accompanying relaxation instructions in a soothing voice that is sublimely relaxing by itself. His demonstration of GRTT serves as a model for the viewer, who can learn to perform the technique on willing friends by following along with Jon and letting his words play in the background until the viewer is familiar and comfortable with the relaxation script.

Jon also offers guidelines for the proper practice of the technique, useful to amateur and professional alike, and discusses professional issues regarding the administration of GRTT within institutional settings, which will be especially important to those interested in integrating touch therapies into contemporary medical practices. GRTT should be very well suited to such settings because it is based on scientific research on the healing power of human touch and the proven effectiveness of progressive muscle relaxation training. In contrast to some other popular touch therapies, it does not depend on a belief in undocumented human energy fields, although Jon acknowledges the possibility that future research might find that such energy fields play a role in the effectiveness of the technique.

The video is an excellent resource for learning Guided Relaxation with Touch Therapy, which is a simple but powerful stress management technique. Learning GRTT with this video will prove useful both to the professional care-giver who wishes to use touch-based stress management techniques in a health care setting and to everyone who simply wants to provide caring support and relaxation to friends and family.  –James D. Lane, Ph.D.

Jon's Guided Relaxation with Touch Therapy Video contains:

• Simple, clear instructions.

• Guidance to help yourself and others with stress management. An ongoing resource you will value for your practice with friends, family or clients.

• Experience the calming and soothing quality of Jon's voice.

• Insights for integrating touch therapies into health care agencies and institutions. "People have asked me about integrating touch therapies into their institution. They don't want to reinvent the wheel. I weave in key points to consider for protocols and institutional standards into this program."

Running time: 43 minutes Producers: Emmy Award winners Ricky Lee Harrel and Steve Fisher

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