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Patient Care

..... She told me of her session with you. I think you changed her life forever. I truly admire/ appreciate your unique gifts, and am grateful you have entree through your service to touch/transform/ heal across a wide spectrum of diversity among a large and always changing population. True healing is an art, and an act of acceptance and love without judgment. There are way too few healers in the world. You are one. I celebrate you.

Good morning John,

Two things....First I wanted to say thank you for seeing *** and sharing your tape with her. It has helped immensely!!! She's feeling better and doing better.
Second .... can I purchase a copy? Thanks........D

Dear Jon:

I found your address yesterday and am reminded of how much you helped *** when she was in the hospital at Duke back in July. I really want to thank you again for being so very considerate to her during one of the lowest moments in her life. I am confident that your attention to her helped her regain enough physical health to manage to get back home to

Today she is enjoying renewed health and vigor and her soul continues to heal in regard to the loss of our daughter.

God has sent us some wonderful people over the years and you are truly one of the best of them all.

It just occurred to me that you might enjoy seeing our national newsletter which deals with family support for families of children with brain tumors and also with our research and clinical programs. If you would like to see that just send me a ground address and we will put you on the list to receive it.

We wish you much good in your life! - MT

hi Jon - heard a resounding thank you to you - from a client I saw last week. He said your compassion, kind words, and helpful suggestions - most importantly feeling like you were "really there with him" was great.

thought I'd pass it along to you - always good to hear these things. Take care, J

I think of you often – you are an important person for excellent patient care in Duke Hospital. -  AA

I am so glad that I had a chance to round with you that one day in March.  I have been able to implement some of the stress management techniques I observed you use that day. It has helped my patients! - S

thanks so much for being there. you added great insight for our residents and we got very positive feedback about the whole conference.


I wanted you to know that Keith died at home on June 12 after a long struggle. We both very much appreciated your kindness and caring manner. It meant a lot to Keith, and he benefited from your tapes. You were very kind to take the time.

I wish you the best of luck in your practice.  AP

Staff Education

Hi Jon,

Everyone I talked to absolutely loved your talk. The knowledge that you shared with everyone really got through to people, and I think that most people there on Saturday walked away with some really valuable tools. It was fabulous!
-- MF


Thank you for the excellent presentation to the Intensive and Graduate Pulmonary Group last month.  They report learning a lot about how to tap into readily available resources for relaxation and stress relief.  I also learned a lot and often use some of the techniques you introduced to the group.  Thanks again for providing such a beneficial and needed service.


Hello Jon,

I want to thank you so much for the support you provided our Duke Birthing Center staff!! We have received such positive comments from the staff ... they felt really cared for with some of the constructive tools you provided to assist them with stress management "in the moment". That will be helpful in their day to day work!! Thanks again for your support. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Hello Jon,

I am so sorry for this long over due ' Thank You' note on the Stress Management in-service you gave last year. It was very informative and very helpful. The informations that you shared helped us in so many ways to understand the negative effects of stress to our body as a whole.  The things you shared with us are so powerful it made us realize that we
really have to understand STRESS so we can manage and cope with it effectively. Those stress management skills you listed are very therapeutic. We had an enlarged version of it hanged in our lounge and in the unit so to remind ourselves in the event of an impending stressful situation, which in our case, almost always. Those communication and relaxation techniques were helpful just the same. It was an excellent reminder to all of us in our day to day interaction with our patients and each other especially in a unit as big as PACU. And just like you said, we really need to observe and practice them and make them a part of our
daily life to make them work.

The PACU staff is very appreciative and grateful for your time and all the wonderful things that you shared to us in your booklet. That day turned out to be a less stressful day indeed.  Thank you so very much ! All the best!
Very Sincerely,

Jon: As always, you were a big hit with the crowd. I really appreciate the way you are able to both teach and model the practice simultaneously.  Thanks so much for working with our staff - it was the perfect way to begin the day! - B

Thank you, Jon, for the "Jewels of Stress Management" presentation you gave to the EP nursing staff this morning. Under your guidance, we were able to experience a comfortable period of relaxation before the busyness of the day. The video complimented the program nicely; I'm glad you brought it. It's always a pleasure having you share your "jewels" and experiences. Thank you again. M

Thank you so much for your willingness to share your expertise with the nurses on 5100. I will always give a little chuckle when I remember how fast the nurses went to the workroom when your session was announced!  Usually it is very difficult to round them up.  Dealing with stress is a skill they need and I appreciate you taking the time to give them strategies to be able to do that.

Hi Jon - thanks for presenting at Teer last week. You must have been fabulous as everyone ranked you as excellent! I really appreciate you giving some of your personal time to share you expertise with the community. Hope we'll all learn a little more about de-stressing because of you.  Thanks so much! You've got an open invitation to come back whenever you want.

Hi Jon,
Thanks for a wonderful afternoon. You do great work. I wish there were more people like you in the hospital. If you have any other classes coming up, I would be interested in attending.
Best wishes,

Thanks for sharing this. Although I've known it for years, I continue to marvel at your profoundly gentle and healing presence and touch with people. Each day you go out there and give so much, and make such a difference in the lives of people - one person at a time. I am humbled to work with you; honored to have you in the Dept of APN. - BS

Relaxation Tapes


I have several patients in my general medicine clinic who are dealing with anxiety and depression. I have had several inpatients who benefited from your relaxation tapes. Is there any way I can purchase some of these tapes and pamphlets for my patients? Thanks, JW

Stress Management

FYI.. another example of the fine feedback I often receive about you!!  Thanks for being you and for believing so strongly in the power of the human presence. We may not be able to always quantify the value of what you and the stress management team bring to patients and families but there's no doubt in my mind about the benefits. Keep up the good work!

Spiritual Support


Many thanks for your participation in the commissioning service for our new chaplain residents and interns. Your presence, along with others representing different faith perspectives, truly imaged the reality of our hospital situation. We are a pluralistic world. The challenge for all of us is to remain grounded in our own faith convictions while at the same time being aware, respectful and appreciative of those different from us.  Thank you for your willingness to assist us in introducing our residents and interns to the challenge of ministry at Duke Hospital.

Jon, I deeply value your gifts and your thoughtfulness as you care for patients and staff here. I include you in my prayers for daily strength and affirmation as you go about your work. 

Other Education

I just wanted to thank you again for coming to speak to our class and teaching us the relaxation technique. The kids really loved it and we felt so relaxed. The listening skills workshop and speaking about spirituality in a new context was also great. Thanks again.

Jon's experience with HT and stress reduction in general is exceptional, and he communicated this expertise to our new volunteers. I think he was the best "messenger" in emphasizing the scientific, rigorous, controlled aspects of the study, as he is an HT practitioner as well... The volunteers could absorb the message because the messenger was "one of them."

Jon, Thank you, thank you, thank you! Please know how much I appreciate your sharing your time with me. We are in the process of developing a stress, anxiety and pain management component of care for inpatients here at Grace Hospital. This will be implemented by our Message Therapists who are employed at the Wellness Center that is part of our hospital. Your input about how you are doing your component at Duke has been a great help.  I will keep you informed on our progress.
Take Care ,

We just wrapped up the second successful class series of the Taking Charge and Living Well !... I have had nothing but positive feedback from the class regarding your talk..."

Jon,  I want to thank you once again for volunteering your expertise in the area of stress management for this program. I have had nothing but positive feedback from the class regarding your talk. I am confident that your taking time to spend with this class is helping some of these folks learn to manage and or cope more effectively with the stress in their lives.

I look forward to working with you in the future!
Yours in good health,

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