Stress and Pain Management Educatio

Stress Management
Jon Seskevich
Change Can Bring Stress

The Stress Management CD1. I could use some good stress for a change. 1:17
Jon shares insight about the nature of stress.
2. Individual make-up 2:45
A discussion about individual differences.
3. Signs of stress & ineffective coping 4:40
Key signals that you have too much stress and a review of ways to lower stress that don’t really work.
4. What works 20:53 Many valuable and effective ways to lower stress.
5. Methods of relaxation survey 5:45 A description of many types of relaxation techniques.
6. Relaxation breathing instruction 3:00 Instructions for relaxation breathing. 
(Next two cuts are guided relaxation exercises. Don't listen to while driving.)
7. Relaxation breathing practice 15:09 Settle back and let yourself learn to relax.
8. Soothing imagery exercise 18:40 You select a favorite place to visit in your imagination.

Here is an example of the great instruction that takes place when you listen to this cd. Listen online now to cut #6, relaxation breathing instructions.

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Sleep CD - To Get the Rest You Need

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The Sleep CD - To Get the Rest You Need with Jon SeskevichAlmost since I first started teaching and guiding relaxation exercises over 30 years ago I have been told my voice is soothing and relaxing. Listening to this CD will show you how this continues to the present day.

There are about 22 minutes of actual guided relaxation here. Then there are 15 minutes of quiet room tone to the end at 37 minutes. Both in the hospital and at public presentations people often comment, that during the practice sessions they felt like they could almost go to sleep listening right there. Let me show you a way to relax yourself.


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Stress Management EducationAudiotape Programs

Stress Management Education
by Jon Seskevich

Everyone tells a patient and family, "Just relax, don't worry." But it is hard to relax when an unwanted health problem is present. Also it is hard to not worry, when one is waiting and not knowing. Let Jon show you how. After sessions in the hospital many families and patients have stated, "Anyone can benefit from this!"
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Side One
A 30 minute talk where Jon shares stress, pain and illness management tips and insights that have evolved from research and thousands of patient interactions.

Side Two
A 20 minute guided progressive muscle relaxation. This script can be combined with Jon's Guided Relaxation with Touch Therapy. The muscles are not tensed, which can be difficult when the body is hurting or sore. There is a gentle softening and relaxing throughout. This relaxation can be useful with chronic pain, sleep, or just simple relaxation.

 Self-Relaxation SkillsSelf Relaxation Skills with Jon Seskevich
Both sides of the tape feature Jon's relaxing voice and gentle guidance in relaxation training.

Cost:  2/$5.00

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Side One
A 20 minute guided imagery experience. Think of a place you find relaxing. Some like nature: an ocean scene, the mountains or gardens. While others choose a fantasy happy land. You can create any familiar comfortable place you enjoy. Or create a healing environment to restore your body-mind-spirit.

Side Two
A 20 minute breathing and phrase concentration relaxation that encourages you to select a thought or phrase that is personally meaningful to you and silently repeat it during the practice.


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