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Almost since I first started teaching and guiding relaxation exercises over 30 years ago I have been told my voice is soothing and relaxing. Listening to this CD will show you how this continues to the present day.

There are about 22 minutes of actual guided relaxation here. Then there are 15 minutes of quiet room tone to the end at 37 minutes. Both in the hospital and at public presentations people often comment, that during the practice sessions they felt like they could almost go to sleep listening right there. Let me show you a way to relax yourself.



I've played the CD at least 6 times... However, I've only consciously heard the maybe the first 10 minutes of the progressive relaxation....and then...the comfortable bliss of
sleep ensues.

The first time I played it, there were a couple moments that I stopped relaxing and checked the CD player the see that the CD was still playing. I think it was after relaxing a body part or two before moving on to the next body parts when you allow some silent time to settle in...

Shortly though, I got used to the idea that there will be some moments of purposeful silence, and I stopped second guessing whether or not the CD was playing properly.

I appreciated how you invited rather than directed your listener to bring their attention wherever...for instance, you say, "If you'd like, bring your attention to...". It's nice and feels safe. As is the repeated instruction to "soften and relax."

The gentleness and softness of your voice in combination with the intentional relaxation of my body in combination with chronic sleep deprivation equals sleep. Thanks!

Overall, I very impressed with your CD and your realization/manifestation of what I'm sure was a conscious intention.

Thanks for the CD. Undoubtedly I'll listen to it again and again.
-- V.

I decided I would make this recording with the sole intention being to help the listener fall asleep. It is kind of funny for a speaker to have a goal that the listener not actually hears what I am saying!

The instructions are simple, you can listen to all or some of the words, notice the calming rhythms of my speech, or simply hear the quiet ambient room tone. You may not focus on listening at all and just go to sleep!
It is fine to just get the rest you need, even if you don’t fall asleep. A simple effort towards relaxing your mind and body can provide some of the same benefits that sleep provides.

The soft belly breathing that is mentioned at the beginning of the relaxation involves the gentle rise of the abdomen with your inhale and soft fall of the abdomen with your exhale. It can be easier to feel this breathing if you place a hand on your belly. You may keep the hand there or not, whatever is more comfortable for you.

You can use this CD to have a “power rest period” where you intentionally don’t go to sleep. Listen to this sitting up in a chair.

This can be listened to as often as needed. Feel free to consult with your doctor or primary care provider about using this CD for sleep for you or a family member.  So sleep to the soothing sounds of Jon’s voice.

Jon is a registered nurse who specializes in stress management education in a major academic medical center. He is a popular presenter and his work has been featured in Reader’s Digest Magazine, Nursing Research and NBC Evening News.

Mastering of this “Sleep” recording and cover art by Jon Seskevich and Thomas Whitmore.  Cover image is from a sunset at the Haleakala Volcano Crater at an elevation of more than 10,000 feet looking as the sun, sky and clouds meet on the island of Maui in Hawaii.

Copyright 2006 Jon Seskevich. Please contact me if you would like to reproduce this intellectual property for a small licensing fee. Do not copy without permission.

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