Stress Management CD with Jon Seskevich RN
1. I could use some good stress for a change. 1:17 Jon shares insight about the nature of stress.
2. Individual make-up 2:45 A discussion about individual differences.
3. Signs of stress & ineffective coping 4:40 Key signals that you have too much stress and a review of ways to lower stress that don’t really work.
4. What works 20:53 Many valuable and effective ways to lower stress.
5. Methods of relaxation survey 5:45 A description of many types of relaxation techniques.
6. Relaxation breathing instruction 3:00 Instructions for relaxation breathing.
(Next two cuts are guided relaxation exercises. Don’t listen to while driving.)
7. Relaxation breathing practice 15:09 Settle back and let yourself learn to relax.
8. Soothing imagery exercise 18:40 You select a favorite place to visit in your imagination.
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