A spoken word mind, body spirit Connectiion CD from Jon Seskevich! Includes evidence based valuable meditation instruction and guided practice.

I am a registered nurse who has worked in one of the USA’s best medical centers since 1987. During these years I have had the great fortune to help create a unique hospital position: Listening to patients and teaching simple, practical, scientifically valid, mind/body approaches for healing and stress management.

To help more people and to share my passion for improving quality of life and physical functioning: I have recorded the CD Building Resiliency. Of course you don’t have to be sick in the hospital to benefit from this wonderful recording. The insight, wisdom, and science shared in “Building Resiliency” can support almost anyone to cope with changes in life and help recover from stressful events.

Daily, I have been complimented about the soothing quality of my speaking voice. I am often told, just hearing my voice is relaxing. On this CD are jewels of stress management and a valuable guided 3 step meditation.

Jon Seskevich RN, BSN, BA, CHTP is a certified stress management instructor and healing touch practitioner. Since 1987, this pioneer in holistic nursing has successfully integrated therapies that build resiliency at one of the world’s foremost medical centers in Durham, NC.

This popular speaker and winner of a Great 100 Nurses in North Carolina, Alumnus of the Year and Friends of Nursing awards, presents the science and art of healing: improving physical functioning and quality of life.

These insights come from a career of study, clinical practice and research in stress management. His hospital work has been assisting people to cope with major life changes. These include illness, loss and “waiting and not knowing.” This recording is shared from his heart in his well-loved, soothing, relaxing voice.


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These are the 11 tracks.
1. Stress Comes from Change (9:07)
Jon shares about the nature of stress coming from change. Some thrive on stress, firefighters, military, first responders, others hate it, would rather have things stay more the same. Stress is inevitable and can cause wear and tear on people. Illness gives people stress, but stress can aggravate symptoms.

2. Nursing Career (10:04)
At age 23 in 1975 this man began working in hospitals and here shares his journey.

3. Mind-Body Approaches to Build Resiliency (9:01)
The most well researched of all the complementary therapies.

4. Psychological Support (4:22)
This can be the toughest “stress management” of all.

5. Managing Chronic Illness (3:36)
Many with chronic illnesses are told they need “to learn to live with it,” but are never told how. So frustrating. This track shares information to help!

6. Spiritual Approaches (3:18)
If either religion or spirituality is important to you, here are ways to bring your faith and beliefs into the healing experience.

7. Listening (4:06)

8. Stress Management Story (2:27)
A funny story, that makes a good point, everything is subject to change.

9. References (2:24)
If you would like to hear about the research and authors mentioned listen here for the books and journal names.

10. “Relaxation Breathing, Relaxation Response” Instructions (6:08)
Simple instructions on an effective meditative, relaxation technique.

11. “Relaxation Breathing, Relaxation Response” Practice (15:54) (don’t listen to this track while driving.)
With use of conscious breathing, body relaxation and a short positive thought, you kindly and gently let go…